The Fastest Way to Ship Customer-Facing Dashboards

The frontend component library and data API for building customer-facing analytics.

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Customizable React components for every analytics use case

Headless, quick to implement React components that are as extensible as your own code.

Headless, quick to implement React components that are as extensible as your own code. Share data with in-house components and use callback functions to trigger existing in-app logic.


Insert powerful dashboards into your product with just a few lines of code.


Customizable table UI components that work in your existing codebase and directly trigger in-app logic.

Report builder

Powerful query builder that allows customers to pull the exact data they want.


Full featured analytics API out of the box

No backend work or frontend API calls required. Quill React Components handle API logic.

Semantic layer

Define SQL views to decide what tables and columns to hide and show, and join together tables.

Access Control

Authentication and row-level security to keep your customer data safe.


Ensure that even your largest customers have fast load times with a powerful in-memory cache.

ETL Connectors

No custom integrations needed. Let your customers easily send data to their own warehouse.

React hooks to use Quill data with in-house components

Use Quill data anywhere in your app. Customer segmentation and caching built in.

const report = useQuill(reportId)

Integrate Quill in minutes, not months

1. Connect a data source

Select your database or warehouse and choose what data to make available.

2. Create dashboards in our portal

Create and iterate on your analytics experience without looping in engineers.

npm i @quillsql/components

3. Add components to your product

Install our npm package and add a Quill Dashboard anywhere in your app.

See how we stack up

Quill offers all of the benefits of building in-house without having to build fully from scratch.

Check all of the security boxes for your enterprise customers

Host on-premise
You can host Quill on-premises, behind your own VPN, and in your own VPC. Deploy via Docker or Kubernetes.
Row-level permissions
Quill ensures you completely control the scope of your customers’ data access. Our row-level security allows you to segment data at any level - user, organization, multi-org, etc.
Version control for SQL views and dashboards
Publish dashboards to one or many users. Create global views or customer-specific ones. Save versions of dashboards and views, so they can be referenced or recovered.
SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant
Quill is secure and compliant with common standards.
Code Runs in Your Codebase - No iFrames
With Quill you use real OAuth compliant authentication and code running in your own codebase.

Frequently asked questions

How is this different from other embedded analytics products like Looker, Metabase, or Sisense?


Looker, Metabase, and Sisense are embedded iFrame products. You build dashboards in the Quill portal, but instead of embedding them as an iFrame in one part of your product, you can put Quill visualizations and tables all over your product without impacting performance. You can also access the underlying logic and data, just like your own code.

What data do my customers have access to with Quill?


Whatever data you decide to give them access to. Quill lets you create customer facing tables (e.g. hide sensitive columns, only show the exact tables you want to expose, rename them, and join multiple tables to create new tables). Any query your customer runs will be run only on their data.

How long does it take to set up?


If no special customization or onboarding is required, you can get Quill set up in less than an hour.

Is Quill a separate application?


No. Quill is a react component library that you can install via npm. It is built to look and feel like your product.

Will Quill look like my product?


Yes. Quill is a react component library with fully customizable styles.

Try the Fastest Embedded Analytics Experience on Earth

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